Sen Tai Thu Vietnam Group Joint Stock Company

Sen Tai Thu Vietnam Group JSC, formerly known as Sen Tai Thu Health Care Center – Central Acupuncture Institute, is the first unit on the Vietnamese market, providing healthcare services with non-medical curing methods, crystallised from the quintessence of Vietnamese Traditional Oriental Medicine.

Core Values

Pay attention to environmental protection by gradually using green and clean fuel sources for all business processes of the Company.

Sen Tai Thu Vietnam Group defends the credibility just as protecting our honor, always prepares execution capacity and makes every effort to ensure the commitment.

Sen Tai Thu Vietnam Group put “Devotion” as the foundation, always upholding the law, maintaining morality, being the customer-centric.

Sen Tai Thu Vietnam Group considers creativity as vitality, as a lever of development, dignifies the dare to think, dare to do spirit and advocates to build “a creative enterprise”.


Sen Tai Thu Vietnam Group sets the goal of “elite people – unique products and standard services – uplifting life – devoted society”

Sen Tai Thu Vietnam Group builds relationships with a human spirit, appreciated ​ staff as the most valuable asset, creates “amicability” on the basis of fairness, integrity, and upholds the strength of the solidarity.


Products – Service

🔸 Spa Treatments

With more than 29 years of experience, Sen Tai Thu Vietnam Group’s spa system offers the most valuable time to customers: care, maintenance, rehabilitation, vitalizing energy, relieving hardships, sorrow that we must tense up for a living …

🔸 Hokila – The quintessence of Vietnamese plants

The legendary Hokila’s product line, specialized in reflexology massage for people with joint pain. Hokila is crystallised from Vietnamese traditional medicine secrets from the 17th century with modern technology derived from natural herbs.

🔸U Hòa restaurant

U Hòa restaurant has a unique architecture tinged with the nostalgic colors of a French villa with the highlight of the eye-catching blue doorways built in the early 1998s. U Hòa Restaurant desire is to bring guest with the flavor rich nature, which is hidden behind a story about life – about the beautiful Vietnam.

Internal News

Sen Tai Thu Vietnam Group’ Events

Sengroup Wellness has organized and accompanied with other units to create memorable events, imbued with national identity and values ​​for the community.

Sen Tai Thu Vietnam Group

“When traveling to a certain city, we frequently try to find a soul, a culture related to that place.”